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Large System Titration Coming Soon

Updated: Mar 23, 2023

The SynerX Bulk Storage Titration System©

NOTE: Expected Availability 5/15/2023

Process: The variables in this design, will be the size of the flow meter, the pump, nozzle and mixing chamber... depending on throughput volume. This will be

managed with a menu selector for ease and accuracy of each customer order/requirement.

As fuel is drawn from the storage tank, a flow meter will send a signal to the onboard controller to inject 0.4 oz of DF5 into an in-line “mixing chamber” that

then feeds the particular Customer Pumping System(s) for every 10 gallons of fuel passing through it.

The system will continuously monitor drum #DF5-1, then auto-switch to #DF5-2 once DF5-1 is emptied. The system will then send a text to a designated

operator(s) to swap DF-1 with a new drum, thus ensuring that there will be a constant flow of DF5 to the mixture at all times without interruption.

5G DATA TRANSMISSION & GPS FUNCTION (various data points as suggested by GTL and yours/our clients)

Minimum Reporting:

Auto Transmit Every 60 Seconds To an On-Line SynerX Database, which will show last transmission, accumulated transmissions MTD & YTD

Clients will be provided with multiple password protected access







Location ID

Additive Ratio

Additive Target (gallons)

Additive Dispensed (gallons)

Fuel Pumped (gallons)

Total Time (seconds)

Average Fuel Rate (gpm)

Additive Error (%) (- = under, + = over) Effective Ratio

Cumulative Additive Dispensed (gallons) Additive Level (%)

Supply Voltage (volts DC)

2022 02 08 SynerX Bulk Storage Titration System V1 Diagram
Download PDF • 214KB

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