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Reasons for DF5

Skyrocketing Fuel Prices

DF5 saves 15% or more on all fuel: Gas | Diesel | BioDiesel 
Recent testing raised octane from 87 to 89 and eliminated knock

ESG Reporting

DF5 eliminates 87% of all harmful emissions

Forced ReGens

DF5 cuts your Regens by 50-80%

Rising DEF Cost and Short Supply

DF5 reduces your overall DEF/SCR costs up to 90%

Costly Anti-Gel for winter use

DF5 certified down to -34 ° with NO Anti-Gel needed

Maintenance and Down Time

Our built in Lubricity formula dramatically reduces engine wear

Sluggish older equipment

100’s of our users tell us their old equipment has more power and torque

GreenTec Laboratories has endeavored to create solutions for every type of carbon based fuel. From Coal Fired Power Plants and Maritime Applications to Construction, Agricultural Machinery, on the Road and in the Air.

We are a GREEN NOW solution.

Coming Soon!

 STS-Bulk Transfer Automatic and Continuous Feed of DF5 into your Spider Distribution Pumping Systems

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