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Updated: Mar 24, 2023

GoodSpeed Test Introduction- GTL asked GoodSpeed Performance Lab of Scottsdale Arizona to test DF5 to determine if DF5 will boost the octane rating and the performance of regular (87 octane) pump gas. GoodSpeed offers the Automotive enthusiast a full-service solution for their unique high-performance needs. GoodSpeed Performance has been in business since 2007 and offers a wide range of service to the automotive community. Method - For this test GoodSpeed used their AWD chassis dyno and engine monitoring equipment to determine the detonation via the engine knock sensors. During the testing the engine is closely monitored to ensure that the low octane rating does not harm the engine. The engine was run through a series of test before and after DF5 to determine the effect. The two key indicators watched during the test were the ultimate horsepower produced and the amount of ignition timing the ECU (computer) reduced to prevent detonation and damage. Results Before DF5 After DF5

Note: Arrows pointing to amount of negative timing ECU applied because of detonation. DF5 reduced knock by over 50%.

His graph shows that using DF5 gained 14-15 HP over regular 87 octane gas. The thinner line in blue is before DF5 and the thicker line in red is after DF5 was added. Any body involved with tuning an engine will want to use DF5.

2023 01 - GoodSpeed Test Results
Download PDF • 743KB

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