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Titration System

Updated: Mar 24, 2023

When DF5 is dosed consistently and accurately the results are extraordinary The issue is that most drivers either forget, don’t care enough or under/overdose. STS-5 Automatically Doses The Proper Amount of DF5 After Every Fill Up or Top Off ...with ZERO Driver Involvement !

STS-5 can be installed by any good mechanic in under 2 hours.

Attaches either to the back of the cab or to the truck frame.

Production units now available --- NOTE: DELIVERY LEAD TIME 2-4 WEEKS ARO

Minimum Order 2 Units @ $1,200 Each, plus $100 Installation Kit

Orders of 10-20 @ $1,100 each, plus $100 Installation Kit

Quantity 21+ Discounts Available

1 Year Warranty

Available Options:

- Data Transmission with GPS Reporting Multiple Datapoints of your choosing

- STSe Vibration Damping for Off Road Use – All Components Attached with Extra Strength Zip Ties

Operating Temperature Range -100o to + 200 o

Fire Resistant

Estimated ROI:

Average fuel savings 15% Average Diesel Cost $4.62 1/31/2023


Cost To Treat 1 Gallon of diesel $0.084

15% Savings on $4.62 = $0.69 ( many of our users gain 17-20% )

Net Savings: $0.61/gallon

$1,200 Cost of System is amortized @ 1,967 gallons of diesel.


Now add in the savings in DEF (50-75% reduction on average)

NO Anti-Gel ( to -34)

and ReGens cut by 50-75%


We do not estimate the maintenance savings in increased engine life, nor the down-time savings in labor and

equipment cost as it will vary for each client's unique operation...but the combination of DEF Reduction, Anti-Gel, Regen & Maintenance / MTBF is likely to exceed the MPG savings.

More realistically, the system will have paid for itself after approximately only 1,500 gallons

...likely less!

2022 02 10 SynerX Titration System
Download PDF • 212KB

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